Range Commander's Council - Telemetry Group
TMATS Schema Documentation

TMATS Schema Documentation:

The TMATS Schema Documentation shows the hierchy of the schema as a diagram, and in text format. Many items on this report, are clickable links, which will take you to a more detailed page.

In each diagram, the element names, and their relationship to other elements are shown. Any element that has subordinate elements defined, are shown with a "+" symbol, at the right of the element name. To expand that "branch" of the tree, simply click on the element.

Dashed lines in the diagram, represent "optional" items. Solid lines show paths that are required to be defined.

Some elements can be defined more than once. In these cases, the elements will appear "stacked", and you will see an annotation, showing what the lower/upper limits are.

This is the "Sequence" symbol. This indicates that subordinate elements, if required, must all appear, in the order presented.
This is the "Choice" symbol. This indicates that one and only one subordinate element, if required, must appear.

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