Job Number:ST-188
Job Title:Telemetry Technician I
Location:Yuma AZ, Yuma Proving Grounds


Under supervision, assists in operating real-time telemetry receiving systems, including but not limited to, tracking antennas, Radio Frequency (RF) amplifiers, multicouplers, receivers, combiners, patch panels, and recorders. Sets up and configures telemetry instrumentation and operating the equipment in support of test missions. Operations may also include setting up an instrumentation van at remote locations, supporting the mission from the van, and system tear-down once testing is complete. Independently supports operations and maintenance efforts with minimal direction. Performs other duties as required to complete the assigned mission. This position is covered under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Terms of Employment & Eligibility Requirements:
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen and not hold multiple citizenships.
  • Must possess or be able to obtain a security clearance prior to employment and maintain security clearance for the duration of employment.
Essential Functions/Duties and Physical Requirements:
  • Must pass a pre-employment drug screening and physical and periodic retests.
  • Must be able to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for work tasks assigned.
  • Must be capable of working in extreme weather conditions including summer temperatures peaking around 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs. unassisted.
  • Must meet the physical requirements necessary to perform operations outlined, performed, and stated in the SOPs for Telemetry.
Job Requirements:
  • Must provide personally owned common hand tools.
  • Must be able speak, write, read, and understand English.
  • Must have a well-mannered customer service attitude.
  • Must be willing to cross-train in other areas.
  • Must use "down-time" effectively to the benefit of test, self, and company.
  • Must be punctual, responsible, and dependable.
  • Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Must demonstrate motivation, initiative, and reliability.
  • Must be adaptable, flexible, and able to adjust to new or changing instructions.
  • Must have a demonstrated ability to follow instructions and company policy.
  • Must be able to deliver quality products to the customer and be responsive to their needs.
  • Must be safety and security conscious, complying with rules and policies.
  • Must be able to work both as part of a team and independently.
  • Must be able to work all shifts, weekends, holidays and overtime as needed, sometimes on short notice, to support test missions.
  • Must possess a valid driver's license, without special restrictions.
  • Must have dependable transportation and a dependable means of communication
Education and Experience Requirements:
  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Must have one of the following: 1 year of Electro-mechanical, electrical, or instrumentation-related experience OR Associate's Degree or Military training.
Job Skills Requirements:
  • Must possess basic computer skills.
  • Must be proficient with hand tools.
  • Knowledge of test equipment like multi-meters, oscilloscopes, and Spectrum Analyzers.
Desired Qualifications:
  • Knowledgeable of IRIG 106 standards concerning airborne transmitter systems and ground receiving/processing stations.
  • Possess a CDL for operation of the Telemetry Vans.
  • Working knowledge of computer systems and software.
  • Basic RF theory knowledge or experience.
  • Previous experience operating, maintaining, and calibration of Telemetry transmit and receive systems.

Must be a U.S. citizen or Naturalized citizen of the United States and hold or be able to obtain a security clearance.
Must pass a background check and drug test.

Please e-mail your resume to apply for this position. Please reference the job number on the subject line of your email with attachments as either a Word Doc or PDF file only, all others files will not be opened.

No Phone Calls Please

Spiral is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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