Job Number:ST-190
Job Title:Weapons System Integration - Senior Engineer
Location:Benefield Anechoic Facility, Edwards AFB, CA


Provide knowledge and experience in analyzing host aircraft/store compatibility requirements for captive carriage and release/launch of Armament Systems in compliance with MIL-STD-1760, MIL-STD-3014, MIL-A-8591, and Universal Armament Interface (UAI protocols).

Aircraft integration activities, aircraft integration meetings and aircraft Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL) test activities to ensure an operator's perspective of aircraft integration and employment are successfully accomplished for weapon and carriage systems.

Airworthiness certification activities, to include: participation in testing, flight clearance, safe separation and jettison testing, development of test plans technical reports and data analysis packages

Evaluating system and subsystem interfaces. These interfaces include but are not limited to aircraft interfaces, ground subsystem interfaces and interfaces associated with participant interoperability within the network (characteristics of which include radio frequency (RF), link margin, RF bandwidth and baseband modulation).

Responsible for providing real time support for flight test from a mission control room.

Essential Functions/Duties:

Knowledge and experience in the mechanical, aerodynamic, electrical, logical and logistical compatibility between US and foreign fighter/bomber/UAV aircraft, suspension and release equipment, and stores (including their embedded computer hardware and software systems).

Knowledge and experience with aircraft and store electrical power and avionics systems (i.e., seeker, sensors, fire control, mission computer, pilot/vehicle interface, stores management system, GPS, inertial navigation systems, control actuators) Integration of weapons and carriage systems into the aircraft and/or airborne platform Operational Flight Programs (OFPs). Management of the development, update and assessment of proposed changes to mission planning systems such as the Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) to support the activities necessary to accomplish mission planning for weapon systems.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Must have a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from an ABET-accredited academic institution and 10 years of related engineering experience, or have an accredited Master of Science in Engineering with at least 10 years of related engineering experience.

Desired Qualifications:

Must be a US or Naturalized citizen of and hold a Top Secret Clearance.

Must be a U.S. citizen or Naturalized citizen of the United States and hold or be able to obtain a security clearance.
Must pass a background check and drug test.

Please e-mail your resume to apply for this position. Please reference the job number on the subject line of your email with attachments as either a Word Doc or PDF file only, all others files will not be opened.

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