Job Number:ST-198
Job Title:Computer Operator
Location:Lancaster, CA


Spiral Technology, Inc. is seeking a computer operator to operate an aerial surveillance system inside a secured law enforcement area. Operator will command the aircraft to fly to a designated area when being dispatched to an event. Operator will control the airborne camera system, and provide video to law enforcement personnel in real-time.

Essential Functions/Duties:
  • Must know many LASD radio/penal codes
  • Must be able to operate a desktop computer running the Windows operating system
  • Must be proficient using Google Maps and other Windows based applications
  • Must have good understanding of address/street layout in Lancaster and surrounding County areas (including Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Lake Los Angeles, Pearblossom, Littlerock)
  • Must have good spatial orientation skills. Be able to look at a live video feed from airplane and compare it to where you are on a map, must be able to understand in which direction you are looking
  • Must be able to work quietly in a darkened room
  • Must be able to listen to 911 dispatchers, taking notes of penal code, address, and details and select calls to go to
  • Must be proficient in the English language (read and write)
Education and Experience Requirements:
  • Must be a High School graduate with 1 year previous law enforcement experience (volunteer, employee, etc.)

Must be a U.S. citizen or Naturalized citizen of the United States and hold or be able to obtain a security clearance. Must pass a background check and drug test. If hired, applicant understands that pre-employment includes verification of Covid-19 Vaccination status (medical/religious exemptions may apply).

Please e-mail your resume to apply for this position. Please reference the job number on the subject line of your email with attachments as either a Word Doc or PDF file only, all others files will not be opened.

No Phone Calls Please

Spiral is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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