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Effective November 1, 2021

Prices subject to change without notice

These prices are for sales within the USA. Add 15% for sales outside the USA.

Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard (TMATS) Support Products
Part No. Product Name Product Description Single Use License 1 Year SPSS
470-100WOTIS-9IRIG 106 Chapter 9 TMATS Editor$4,016$960
470-101WOTIS-9 Report GeneratorA report generation option for the OTIS-9 TMATS Editor.$2,676$640
470-110WBerg-TR/BRBerg Translator & Bridge Combined$4,016$960
470-111WBerg-TranslatorTMATS to Berg TMATE II Translator$2,676$640
470-112WBerg-BridgeBerg TMATE II to TMATS Bridge$2,006$480
470-120WVTS-TR/BRL3Com VTS Translator & Bridge Combined$4,016$960
470-121WVTS-TranslatorL3Com VTS Translator$2,676$640
470-122WVTS-BridgeL3Com VTS Bridge$2,006$480
470-130W550-TR/BRL3Com 550 Translator & Bridge Combined$4,016$960
470-131W550-TranslatorL3Com 550 Translator$2,676$640
470-132W550-BridgeL3Com 550 Bridge$2,006$480
470-141WPCM600-TranslatorL3Com PCM600 Encoder Translator$4,016$960
470-142WPCM600-BridgeL3Com PCM600 Encoder Bridge$4,016$960
470-143WOTIS-UpdateUtility to modify measurement EU conversions in an existing TMATS file.$2,676$640
470-150WAcro-TR/BRAcroamatics Translator & Bridge CombinedHOQHOQ
470-151WAcro-TranslatorAcroamatics Translator$4,016$960
470-152WAcro-BridgeAcroamatics BridgeHOQHOQ
470-160WQUAD-TRON TranslatorQUAD-TRON PCM Encoder Translator & OTIS-9 Combined$5,118$1,224
470-161WQUAD-TRON TranslatorQUAD-TRON PCM Encoder Translator$2,006$480
470-162WQUAD-TRON LoaderQUAD-TRON PCM Encoder Loader$1,335$320
470-170WSmartronixSmartronix (formerly Wyle Systems Omega) Translator & Bridge Combined$4,016$960
470-171WSmartronixSmartronix (formerly Wyle Systems Omega) Translator$2,676$640
470-172WSmartronixSmartronix (formerly Wyle Systems Omega) Bridge$2,006$480
470-200WXMLTMATS to TMATS(XML) Translator$4,016$960
470-201WXMLTMATS(XML) to TMATS Bridge$4,016$960
470-202WXML TR/BRTMATS(XML) Translator/Bridge Combined$7,367$1,761
470-210WXidML XMLXidML to TMATS Bridge$2,676$640
470-000WCustom TR/BRCustomer Unique Translator & BridgeHOQHOQ
470-001WCustom TranslatorCustomer Unique Translator from TMATSHOQHOQ
470-002WCustom BridgeCustomer Unique Bridge to TMATSHOQHOQ
470-999WSDK-WSoftware Developer's KitHOQHOQ

OTIS Display Products
Part No. Product Name Product Description Single Use License 1 Year SPSS
480-100WOTIS-DisplayReal-Time Display Software$4,687$1,121
480-101WDDE InterfaceData Interface to Decom CVTHOQHOQ
480-000UAdditional DisplaysCustomer Defined Additional DisplaysHOQHOQ

OTIS Control Products
Part No. Product Name Product Description Single Use License 1 Year SPSS
490-100WOTIS-ControlSetup File Manager, Device Setup, Device Configuration Control, Activity Logger$4,687$1,121
490-700WOTIS-Control Scenario DeveloperCreate, Edit, Save a Sequence of actions in an Scenario Format for Real-time Execution$2,676$640
490-701WOTIS-Control TENA SupportTENA support for OTIS-Control Scenario Developer$1,341$321
490-101WAydin A3335A3335 Bit Sync (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-102WAydin A3335A3335 Bit Sync (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-103WAydin AVME 335AVME 335 Bit Sync (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-104WAydin AVME 335AVME 335 Bit Sync (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-105WHW-101Honeywell HW-101 Tape (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-106WHW-101Honeywell HW-101 Tape (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-107WDatatape 3700JDatatape 3700J Recorder (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-108WDatatape 3700JDatatape 3700J Recorder (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-109WDatron ACUDatron Autotrack Controller (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-110WDatron ACUDatron Autotrack Controller (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-111WEMP-ACU 6EMP ACU-6 Controller (Stand Alone)$4,016$960
490-112WEMP-ACU 6EMP ACU-6 Controller (Integrated)$4,016$960
490-113WDatum TFP/GPSDatum GPS Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-114WDatum TFP/GPSDatum GPS Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-115W700-MRMicrodyne 700 MR Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-115WB700-WBMicrodyne 700-WB (Wide Band) Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-116W700-MRMicrodyne 700 MR Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-116WB700-WBMicrodyne 700-WB (Wide Band) (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-117W1200-MR(W)Microdyne 1200 MR(W) Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-118W1200-MR(W)Microdyne 1200 MR(W) Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-117WA1200-MRCAMicrodyne 1200 MRCA Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-118WA1200-MRCAMicrodyne 1200 MRCA Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-119W1400-MRAMicrodyne 1400 MRA Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-120W1400-MRAMicrodyne 1400 MRA Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-121W1400-WBAMicrodyne 1400 WBA Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-122W1400-WBAMicrodyne 1400 WBA Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-123W2800Microdyne 2800 Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-124W2800Microdyne 2800 Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-125WVMR-2000Microdyne VMR-2000 Receiver (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-126WVMR-2000Microdyne VMR-2000 Receiver (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-131W1620-PCMicrodyne 1620-PC Combiner (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-131-7W1670-PCMicrodyne 1670-PC Combiner (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-132W1620-PCMicrodyne 1620-PC Combiner (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-132-7W1670-PCMicrodyne 1670-PC Combiner (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-133W3220-PCMicrodyne 3220-PC Combiner (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-134W3220-PCMicrodyne 3220-PC Combiner (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-135W3200-PCAMicrodyne 3200-PCA Combiner (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-136W3200-PCAMicrodyne 3200-PCA Combiner (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-137WVMC-2000Microdyne VMC-2000 Combiner (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-138WVMC-2000Microdyne VMC-2000 Combiner (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-139WTSS-2000Microdyne TSS-2000 (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-140WTSS-2000Microdyne TSS-2000 (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-141WMetraplex DFDMetraplex DFD (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-142WMetraplex DFDMetraplex DFD (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-143WMBS-720MBS-720 Bit Synchronizer (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-144WMBS-720MBS-720 Bit Synchronizer (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-145WEMP ACU-21CEMP ACU-21C Antenna Controller (Stand Alone)$4,016$960
490-146WEMP ACU-21CEMP ACU-21C Antenna Controller (Integrated)$4,016$960
490-147WUSC-32USC 32x32 Switch (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-148WUSC-32USC 32x32 Switch (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-149WUSC-256USC 256x256 Switch (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-150WUSC-256USC 256x256 Switch (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-151WTCS ACU-MTCS ACU-M Antenna Controller (Stand Alone)$4,016$960
490-152WTCS ACU-MTCS ACU-M Antenna Controller (Integrated)$4,016$960
490-153WAcro 2430VAcroamatics 2430V Bit Sync (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-154WAcro 2430VAcroamatics 2430V Bit Sync (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-155WTA5000Gould TA5000 Chart Recorder (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-156WTA5000Gould TA5000 Chart Recorder (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-157WE4448AAgilent E4448A Spectrum Analyzer (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-158WE82x7DAgilent E82x7D Signal Generator (Integrated)$1,335$320
490-170WExelis PLM-4Exelis AN/PLM-4 Radar Signal Simulator (RSS)$3,347$800
490-171WAAI Hydra V3Hydra Laser Warning Receiver Test Set$2,676$640
490-172WAAI-MEONMEON Directional Infrared Countermeasure Flight Line Test Set$2,676$640
490-800WHPIB/RS-232HPIB/RS-232 Communications Interface To Hardware$6,033$1,442
490-801WHPIB LanHPIB Lan Communications Interface To Hardware$6,033$1,442
490-900WFactory ATPIntegration And ATP At SpiralHOQHOQ
490-901WSite ATPIntegration And ATP At Customer SiteHOQHOQ
490-998WNew DeviceNew Device Support (Stand Alone)HOQHOQ
490-999WNew DeviceNew Device Support (Integrated)HOQHOQ


SPSS = Software Product Support Service

HOQ = Home Office Quote

Stand Alone = This version of the software operates as a Windows application by itself to remotely control the device, without the additional features of OTIS-Control.

Integrated = This software module is integrated into the OTIS-Control interface, and includes the features of OTIS-Control.

This price list is also available as a PDF document.

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