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Translation from vendor-specific format to TMATS

OTIS Bridge Modules represent another significant portion of the interoperability and portability possible with TMATS. Each individual module translates from a specific vendor's internal format to the standard TMATS file structure.

OTIS Bridge A Bridge Module essentially performs the reverse function of a Translator. This is the utility that takes vendor-specific setup structures and converts them into a valid TMATS file. As with the Translators, Bridge Modules are also vendor-specific, since the format of each vendor ís setup structure is different.

The bridge process involves parsing the incoming vendor structures and creating equivalent TMATS definitions.

At times, there is vendor-specific information not found in the TMATS definitions. Typically, these include such things as vendor software display definitions. In cases like this where there is no equivalent TMATS definition, these commands are placed in one of the various TMATS comment fields which are available for such purposes.

In some circumstances there are fields required by the TMATS definition that have no equivalent vendor command. In cases such as this, the Bridge Module queries the user for any additional information required to complete the conversion.

Although these vendor-unique commands would normally be lost in a conversion process to another vendor, the OTIS Bridge Modules have the ability to rebuild this information if the conversion to and from the vendor format was initially accomplished using the OTIS tools.

For more information about the availability of OTIS Bridges for a specific vendor, see the price list. If you do not see a specific vendor on the list or have other questions regarding our vendor support, please contact us for more information.

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