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Data Display Software

OTIS-Display is a Windows-based application to display data in real-time. This application has the ability to display data in the following formats:

  • Time History
  • XY Plot
  • Fixed Tabular
  • Scrolling Tablular
  • Horizontal Bar Graph
  • Vertical Bar Graph
  • Meters
Additional Features Of OTIS-Display

  • The user can group together and save multiple graphs and displays for later recall. This feature allows the user to customize screens to suit his needs.
  • The user can define and display measurements and titles for each measurement in each graph.
  • The user can customize display attributes for each graph. Customization options include (but are not limited to) colors, fonts, size, shape, labels, titles, grid lines, and plotting lines.
  • The user can copy graphs from OTIS-Display into the Windows Clipboard and then paste the graphs into other Windows applications.
  • The user can print graphs from OTIS-Display.

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