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Effective November 1, 2021

Prices subject to change without notice

These prices are for sales within the USA. Add 15% for sales outside the USA.

Use of OTIS software is subject only to our license agreement, which can be viewed here.

All new OTIS product purchases come with 60 days of support following receipt of product.

Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard (TMATS) Support Products

Part No. Product Name Product Description Single Use License 1 Year SPSS
470-100WOTIS-9IRIG 106 Chapter 9 TMATS Editor$4,016$960
470-101WOTIS-9 Report GeneratorA report generation option for the OTIS-9 TMATS Editor.$2,676$640
470-110WBerg-TR/BRBerg Translator & Bridge Combined$4,016$960
470-111WBerg-TranslatorTMATS to Berg TMATE II Translator$2,676$640
470-112WBerg-BridgeBerg TMATE II to TMATS Bridge$2,006$480
470-120WVTS-TR/BRL3Com VTS Translator & Bridge Combined$4,016$960
470-121WVTS-TranslatorL3Com VTS Translator$2,676$640
470-122WVTS-BridgeL3Com VTS Bridge$2,006$480
470-130W550-TR/BRL3Com 550 Translator & Bridge Combined$4,016$960
470-131W550-TranslatorL3Com 550 Translator$2,676$640
470-132W550-BridgeL3Com 550 Bridge$2,006$480
470-141WPCM600-TranslatorL3Com PCM600 Encoder Translator$4,016$960
470-142WPCM600-BridgeL3Com PCM600 Encoder Bridge$4,016$960
470-143WOTIS-UpdateUtility to modify measurement EU conversions in an existing TMATS file.$2,676$640
470-150WAcro-TR/BRAcroamatics Translator & Bridge CombinedHOQHOQ
470-151WAcro-TranslatorAcroamatics Translator$4,016$960
470-152WAcro-BridgeAcroamatics BridgeHOQHOQ
470-160WQUAD-TRON TranslatorQUAD-TRON PCM Encoder Translator & OTIS-9 Combined$5,118$1,224
470-161WQUAD-TRON TranslatorQUAD-TRON PCM Encoder Translator$2,006$480
470-162WQUAD-TRON LoaderQUAD-TRON PCM Encoder Loader$1,335$320
470-170WParraid, LLCParraid, LLC (formerly Smartronix and Wyle Systems Omega) Translator & Bridge Combined$4,016$960
470-171WParraid, LLCParraid, LLC (formerly Smartronix and Wyle Systems Omega) Translator$2,676$640
470-172WParraid, LLCParraid, LLC (formerly Smartronix and Wyle Systems Omega) Bridge$2,006$480
470-200WXMLTMATS to TMATS(XML) Translator$4,016$960
470-201WXMLTMATS(XML) to TMATS Bridge$4,016$960
470-202WXML TR/BRTMATS(XML) Translator/Bridge Combined$7,367$1,761
470-210WXidML XMLXidML to TMATS Bridge$2,676$640
470-000WCustom TranslatorCustomer Unique Translator from TMATSHOQHOQ
470-001WCustom BridgeCustomer Unique Bridge to TMATSHOQHOQ
470-002WCustom TR/BRCustomer Unique Translator & BridgeHOQHOQ
470-999WSDK-WSoftware Developer's KitHOQHOQ

OTIS Display Products
Part No. Product Name Product Description Single Use License 1 Year SPSS
480-100WOTIS-DisplayReal-Time Display Software$4,687$1,121
480-101WDDE InterfaceData Interface to Decom CVTHOQHOQ
480-000UAdditional DisplaysCustomer Defined Additional DisplaysHOQHOQ

OTIS Control Products
Part No. Product Name Product Description Single Use License 1 Year SPSS
490-100WOTIS-ControlSetup File Manager, Device Setup, Device Configuration Control, Activity Logger$4,687$1,121
490-700WOTIS-Control Scenario DeveloperCreate, Edit, Save a Sequence of actions in an Scenario Format for Real-time Execution$2,676$640
490-701WOTIS-Control TENA SupportTENA support for OTIS-Control Scenario Developer$1,341$321
490-101WAydin A3335A3335 Bit Sync (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-102WAydin A3335A3335 Bit Sync (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-103WAydin AVME 335AVME 335 Bit Sync (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-104WAydin AVME 335AVME 335 Bit Sync (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-105WHW-101Honeywell HW-101 Tape (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-106WHW-101Honeywell HW-101 Tape (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-107WDatatape 3700JDatatape 3700J Recorder (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-108WDatatape 3700JDatatape 3700J Recorder (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-109WDatron ACUDatron Autotrack Controller (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-110WDatron ACUDatron Autotrack Controller (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-111WEMP-ACU 6EMP ACU-6 Controller (Stand Alone)$4,016$960
490-112WEMP-ACU 6EMP ACU-6 Controller (Integrated)$4,016$960
490-113WDatum TFP/GPSDatum GPS Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-114WDatum TFP/GPSDatum GPS Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-115W700-MRMicrodyne 700 MR Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-115WB700-WBMicrodyne 700-WB (Wide Band) Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-116W700-MRMicrodyne 700 MR Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-116WB700-WBMicrodyne 700-WB (Wide Band) (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-117W1200-MR(W)Microdyne 1200 MR(W) Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-118W1200-MR(W)Microdyne 1200 MR(W) Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-117WA1200-MRCAMicrodyne 1200 MRCA Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-118WA1200-MRCAMicrodyne 1200 MRCA Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-119W1400-MRAMicrodyne 1400 MRA Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-120W1400-MRAMicrodyne 1400 MRA Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-121W1400-WBAMicrodyne 1400 WBA Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-122W1400-WBAMicrodyne 1400 WBA Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-123W2800Microdyne 2800 Receiver (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-124W2800Microdyne 2800 Receiver (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-125WVMR-2000Microdyne VMR-2000 Receiver (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-126WVMR-2000Microdyne VMR-2000 Receiver (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-131W1620-PCMicrodyne 1620-PC Combiner (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-131-7W1670-PCMicrodyne 1670-PC Combiner (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-132W1620-PCMicrodyne 1620-PC Combiner (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-132-7W1670-PCMicrodyne 1670-PC Combiner (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-133W3220-PCMicrodyne 3220-PC Combiner (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-134W3220-PCMicrodyne 3220-PC Combiner (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-135W3200-PCAMicrodyne 3200-PCA Combiner (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-136W3200-PCAMicrodyne 3200-PCA Combiner (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-137WVMC-2000Microdyne VMC-2000 Combiner (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-138WVMC-2000Microdyne VMC-2000 Combiner (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-139WTSS-2000Microdyne TSS-2000 (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-140WTSS-2000Microdyne TSS-2000 (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-141WMetraplex DFDMetraplex DFD (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-142WMetraplex DFDMetraplex DFD (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-143WMBS-720MBS-720 Bit Synchronizer (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-144WMBS-720MBS-720 Bit Synchronizer (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-145WEMP ACU-21CEMP ACU-21C Antenna Controller (Stand Alone)$4,016$960
490-146WEMP ACU-21CEMP ACU-21C Antenna Controller (Integrated)$4,016$960
490-147WUSC-32USC 32x32 Switch (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-148WUSC-32USC 32x32 Switch (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-149WUSC-256USC 256x256 Switch (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-150WUSC-256USC 256x256 Switch (Stand Alone)$2,676$640
490-151WTCS ACU-MTCS ACU-M Antenna Controller (Stand Alone)$4,016$960
490-152WTCS ACU-MTCS ACU-M Antenna Controller (Integrated)$4,016$960
490-153WAcro 2430VAcroamatics 2430V Bit Sync (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-154WAcro 2430VAcroamatics 2430V Bit Sync (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-155WTA5000Gould TA5000 Chart Recorder (Stand Alone)$1,738$416
490-156WTA5000Gould TA5000 Chart Recorder (Integrated)$1,738$416
490-157WE4448AAgilent E4448A Spectrum Analyzer (Integrated)$2,676$640
490-158WE82x7DAgilent E82x7D Signal Generator (Integrated)$1,335$320
490-170WExelis PLM-4Exelis AN/PLM-4 Radar Signal Simulator (RSS)$3,347$800
490-171WAAI Hydra V3Hydra Laser Warning Receiver Test Set$2,676$640
490-172WAAI-MEONMEON Directional Infrared Countermeasure Flight Line Test Set$2,676$640
490-800WHPIB/RS-232HPIB/RS-232 Communications Interface To Hardware$6,033$1,442
490-801WHPIB LanHPIB Lan Communications Interface To Hardware$6,033$1,442
490-900WFactory ATPIntegration And ATP At SpiralHOQHOQ
490-901WSite ATPIntegration And ATP At Customer SiteHOQHOQ
490-998WNew DeviceNew Device Support (Stand Alone)HOQHOQ
490-999WNew DeviceNew Device Support (Integrated)HOQHOQ

SPSS = Software Product Support Service

HOQ = Home Office Quote

Stand Alone = This version of the software operates as a Windows application by itself to remotely control the device, without the additional features of OTIS-Control.

Integrated = This software module is integrated into the OTIS-Control interface, and includes the features of OTIS-Control.

This price list is also available as a PDF document.

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