Secure Facilities

With so many unknowns in our world today, it is certain that U. S. Government and Corporate Security is being challenged like never before. Daily, we read of sensitive data and information being lost to those that would do us harm. There was a time when acquiring SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) required sophisticated electronic equipment that is now readily available at any local electronic store. Internet/Cyber security is not the only realm of access that needs protection as the headlines would lead us to believe. Real SCI security has always been derived from the joining of Computer, Physical and AE/RFE (Acoustic Emanations), (Radio Frequency Emanations) controls.

We at Spiral Technology, Inc. bridge the gap from the Cold War security measures of yesterday and the information control challenges of today. Our Engineers were there when the security countermeasures were developed and implemented worldwide. The threats of today require experienced engineers knowledgeable in countermeasures that cover the full spectrum of challenges to our SCI security.

Our Engineering Technician staff provide the following services:

  • Architectural facility design support including vendor/sub-contractor evaluations
  • Site supervision of all phases of construction during facility installations
  • Compliance Verifications and Threat Assessments through field testing per ASTM E336-04, NSA 65-5&6 and other governing documents for both CONUS and International Installations.
  • Re-verification of sites requiring annual checks and after modifications are made to the previously certified facilities.

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