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Translation from TMATS to vendor-specific format

OTIS Translator Modules implement the heart of the interoperability and portability possible with TMATS. These modules convert standard TMATS file structures into specific (and disparate) formats of individual telemetry vendors.

otis translator screen The OTIS Translator Modules support the unique capabilities and requirements of each vendor format. For instance, a specific vendor may have a particular method of performing engineering units conversion or derived parameter calculations. The OTIS translator module can fully support this vendor-specific method.

An OTIS Translator is the utility that takes a valid TMATS file and converts it into the vendor-specific file structures required to set up vendor hardware and software. Translators are vendor-specific, since each vendor uses unique, often proprietary setup file structures to interface with their equipment.

The translation process involves matching TMATS definitions to the vendor format. Sometimes there are attributes found in TMATS that are not supported by the vendor platform. In these cases, the OTIS Translator informs the user that a particular definition or function will not be converted to the vendor format. Sometimes there are vendor-specific functions not supported in TMATS. In cases like this, the OTIS Translator prompts the user for any additional information required during the translation process.

The standard TMATS format does not support some vendor-specific commands. However, if an OTIS Bridge originally created the TMATS file from the vendor-specific format, the bridge will have included the vendor-specific commands in specially designated comment fields within the TMATS file. The OTIS Translator will read these vendor-specific commands from the TMATS file and include them in the resulting vendor-specific file. Thus, within the OTIS family of bridges and translators, vendors can count on having a completely preserved set of commands, whether they are TMATS standard or vendor-specific.

In the process, the OTIS modules assure that the TMATS files remain 100% compliant with the IRIG standard TMATS format definition. Since the vendor-specific commands exist within comment fields, other third-party TMATS translators and editors can safely work with the TMATS file created by the OTIS bridges, although the third-party software will obviously not support the individual vendors' non-standard commands.

New in 2008! Spiral Technology now has a Translator available, to convert from TMATS, into the new XML version of TMATS, which was made as part of the IRIG standard beginning with 106-07.

To see a list of the vendors currently supported, view the price list. If you would like to know more about how the OTIS family can support your vendor-specific format, contact us.

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