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In our early days, Spiral started out as a one-person operation of SPARTA, Inc's Aerospace Systems Division. In time, this division grew into SPARTA's Technical Services Operation.

With our demonstrated expertise and experience in supporting the aerospace community since the X-15 days, Spiral continued to grow and in 2000 became incorporated as Spiral Technology, Inc.; operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of SPARTA, Inc. through 31 December 2006.

As an employee-owned company, on 1 January 2007, Spiral Technology's employee-owners bought out SPARTA's interest and became the independent veteran-owned small business it is today.

Spiral Technology, has been selected as one of "California's Top Ranking Innovation Companies", by the California Space Authority. The California Commission for Job and Economic Growth has recognized us as a "California Innovation All Star" and R&D Magazine has recognized Spiral as a "R&D 100 Company".

Spiral is a corporate member of the International Test and Evaluation Association and is an active supporter of the Range Commanders' Council Inter-Range Instrumentation Group.

Spiral provides solutions that achieve success for our Customers and Employees by providing highly qualified, aerospace professionals to our Customers and the programs that provide innovative and timely systems engineering solutions to the aerospace community.


  • Solutions addressing their needs, objectives and mission
  • Products and services that meet or exceed their expectations
  • Innovation and technology infusion
  • Comprehensive risk analysis and mitigation
  • A proactive partnership to achieve their program objectives
  • Their success

Spiral has demonstrated expertise in a broad spectrum of engineering, scientific, and technical disciplines including:

If you are looking for innovative and progressive solutions to your needs and mission, contact us.

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